Friday, January 4, 2008

Please Put Me Out of My Misery

I had a decent New Year's Eve. For a change, I made it up until midnight to welcome in the new year. I didn't drink any alcohol so there was no chance of a hangover to mar the beginnings of what I hoped to be a much better year. When I went to bed, I just knew that 2008 was going to be a good year, a great year, especially since 2007 was ending on such a sour note.

Well, guess what? I woke up sick as a dog on New Year's Day and have been sick ever since. I think it's a bit of the flu and possibly a cold together. Not fun, not fun, and definitely not the way I wanted to start the new year. I haven't done much here at all except lay around on the couch. I answer the phones when they ring, but who knows if I'm making any sense to the customers who are calling me. My head is throbbing all the time. I think there is a little man with a big hammer in there just trying to get out through my eyeball. My stomach is making noises that I've never heard before and let's just say the bathroom has been my room of choice a lot here these past few days. I'm glad that today is Friday. I'm going to take the weekend and just sleep. And hopefully come Monday I'll feel better.

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