Friday, December 7, 2007

Getting Contacts

I almost forgot, but my daughter is going to the eye doctor tomorrow and hopefully getting contacts. She's wanted them ever since she first found out she had to wear glasses. We're hoping that she's able to wear them. She has an astigmatism so not sure that she can. She'll find out tomorrow.

Update: Daughter came home and is able to wear the contacts. She loves them! She has to start out slowly, wearing them for only a few hours each day, but she's already gotten the hang of putting them in and taking them out. Had to calm her down a notch though. As soon as she got home, she was bound and determined to toss her glasses in the trash. Uh, hello! What happens if you lose one of your contacts? What happens if they irritate your eyes and you have to take them out? Then how will you see? She hadn't thought about that. Silly girl:) So, her glasses are now stashed in her purse (in a hard case) just in case of an emergency. She is hoping they don't ever have to come back out.

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Karon said...

Back in the day, having an astigmatism meant you had to wear hard contact lenses. At least that's what I had to do so many years ago. They've come a long way and I'm sure she'll be fine. I wore very comfortable soft lenses for years. Now I don't feel like messing with them anymore. Good luck to your daughter!