Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Another Weekend Trip

In my previous post I told you that one of our trucks was again in the shop. Well, yesterday, I got more news about one of our other trucks. This is the one that we've taken 100 miles away for the past two weekends to have repair work done on it. This is the one that was SUPPOSED to be fixed and ready to get back out on the road. Apparantly this is not the case. Hubby told me yesterday that it is again leaking oil from the rear end soooo that means another trip down to the Sterling dealership to have it worked on this weekend. The only good news about this is the fact that we won't be paying a bill this trip, but we will still have the gas cost to get down there, a hotel room for the evening, and time taken away from other things that we could be doing here. I've told hubby that we really need to find places around here or that are at least a little bit closer to be doing some of these repairs, but unfortunately that's what happens when you live in a little po'dunk town in the middle of nowhere. There just isn't a market for those types of places around here so we have to go elsewhere. I just hope that the next weekend trip I have to take is actually one that is for fun and relaxation and not work related.

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