Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Happened to Thanksgiving?

Today is Thursday and in blog world, it is also Thankful Thursday. I was trying to figure out what to write about today on that subject when it hit me. I'm sitting here, watching tv, and noticing that almost every commercial now is geared towards Christmas. Hello? Remember that other holiday between Halloween and Christmas? You know, THANKSGIVING!?!?!? What is it with everyone skipping right over this holiday? I know that it doesn't have the same glitz and glamour of Christmas, but it's still an important holiday to remember. This is the time that you get together with your loved ones, enjoy a special meal, and give thanks for all the wonderful things that you have in your life. I know that I truly enjoy Thanksgiving. It helps me to stop and realize how much I do have in my life to be thankful for. There are so many times throughout the year that I complain about things going wrong, when in reality I'm very lucky to be where I am and have what I have. I don't remember that a lot of the time, but Thanksgiving helps to remind me.

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