Thursday, November 8, 2007

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

Did you know that November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month? I didn't. I also didn't know that November 13th is National Memory Screening Day. This day is to help promote early detection of Alzheimer's disease and other related illnesses. You will find participating sites offering free confidential memory screenings, as well as follow up resources and educational materials to people who are concerned about memory loss. Why not take a loved one to a screening? The earlier memory loss is detected, the earlier treatment can be started. What better holiday gift to give to a loved one? Check online to find the nearest participating site to you.

Did you know that there are several ways to help you age successfully too? Leading a healthy, sensible lifestyle helps slow down or prevent the loss of brain cells, maintain the brain's ability to make up for any loss, and let remaining brain cells function well. Some tips to help would be to make regular doctor visits, participate in brain stimulating activities (like reading, crosswords, playing cards, anything that challenges you mentally, etc.), manage stress, exercise at least 30 minutes daily, stay socially active, control high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, follow a healthy diet and limit your alcohol consumption. If you do all of these things this will help maintain your brain health and hopefully keep you from developing Alzheimer's disease yourself.

Seeking a cure for Alzheimer's is very important, but let's not forget that providing care to those that have already been diagnosed with this disease is just as important. A contribution to the Alzheimer's Foundation of America during the holidays or buying a product from their estore is a fantastic way to do so. Help make someone's life with Alzheimer's a little bit easier and stay healthy yourself so you can have the best possible future. Let's make Alzheimer's a distant memory, pun intended!

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