Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mist

I love Stephen King! Whenever I want to read a good, scary book, I go straight for a Stephen King novel. I think my favorite book of his has to be Pet Semetary. There was just something about that book that I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the fact that I had always wished there was some way to bring back my pets that had died. Granted, I wouldn't have wanted them to come back like the cat in Pet Semetary did! That was just too scary! I also really liked Carrie. I felt so bad for her even though she did have the telekenetic powers. She just wanted to fit in with her peers and no matter how hard she tried they still wouldn't accept her. She got her revenge in the end though. Even though it would have been a nicer ending if she'd finally been accepted, the way the book/movie did end was more fitting to Stephen King.

Stephen King has a new movie coming out on November 21st. It is called The Mist by Stephen King. I have seen the movie trailer and it looks just as scary as any of his other movies. I will definitely be there when it hits our local theater. If you like Stephen King and scary movies, I would definitely check out the movie trailer for yourself.

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