Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What flavor would you like?

Ok, I'm still on the ice cream subject. Yes, I should write about something more interesting, but some days subjects just don't pop into my head as easily as others and I take much needed inspiration from things that I read. Don't like it? Skip this post then. Interested? Read on.....

The number one selling ice cream flavor is vanilla. I, personally, can't stand vanilla and would think that my purchase of chocolate alone would send that flavor skyrocketing into first place. No such luck though as chocolate came in fifth with only 8% of the vote. Looks like I need to step up and buy more chocolate. lol! Other flavors that made the list were, in order, fruit flavors, nut flavors, candy mix-in flavors, chocolate, cake and cookie flavors, neapolitan, other (no idea what these would be) and finally coffee/mocha.

Some more ice cream trivia:

...Each American consumes a yearly average of 23.2 quarts of ice cream, ice milk, sherbet, ices and other commercially produced frozen dairy products.

...More ice cream is sold on Sunday than any other day of the week.

...Ice cream consumption is the highest during July and August. Could that be because July is National Ice Cream Month?

...The average number of licks to polish off a single scoop ice cream cone is approximately 50.

Ok, I think I'm "full" now and will stop with the ice cream talk.


Crazy Lady said...

Ummmm, ice cream. Now I want some. Is 7:45 in the morning to early to have a bowl of ice cream?

Lisa said...

It's never too early to have ice cream:)