Friday, July 27, 2007


I'm not a big fan of sports. I don't watch football, basketball, baseball, etc. unless it is our high school team and I know some of the kids. I've just never understood why people are such fans of those sports. That is until I sat down and watched a hockey game that my son had on. To begin with, I was just watching the guys skate and thinking about the skill that it took to stay upright on those things. Then I actually started watching the game and realized, "Hey, this is very enjoyable". And then a fight broke out and for some reason that really got my adrenaline going and for the rest of the game I was on the edge of my seat, rooting the guys on and screaming every time they'd score.

So, now I'm kind of a hockey fan, I guess, and am interested in seeing how the hockey draft goes. I found a great website that promotes the draft and you can check it out by visiting There you will find the top prospects, NHL rankings, ISS Top 10, News and Links to all things hockey.

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