Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I Scream for Ice Cream!

Did you know that ice cream is America's SECOND favorite dessert? I really thought it would be number one, but after reading an article in the newspaper today I now know otherwise. According to a Nielson survey of supermarket sales, they found that ice cream is indeed second choice among Americans.

This is how shoppers divided their dollars for sweets:

1) cookies $3.6 billion spent
2) ice cream $2.3 billion spent
3) frozen novelties $1.4 billion spent
4) frozen yogurt $631 million spent
5) doughnuts $431 million spent
6) ice milk/sherbet $328 million spent
7) pie $178 million spent
8) cheesecake $12 million spent

TOTAL: $8.88 billion spent on sweets. I was kind of shocked not to see cake on that list. If there is anything better then ice cream, it is definately cake....with a dollop of ice cream on top:)

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