Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Favorite Summertime Saying

The favorite thing that my
like to say in the summertime is "Mom, I'm bored". Can you believe that they've only been out of school for less then a week and I'm already hearing those words? What has happened to kids nowadays? I remember when I was younger, my summer vacations were filled with playing outdoors, skipping rope, riding bikes, swimming and fishing. I didn't have video games to spend hours in front of and there were only 3 channels to choose from on television. My kids now have video games coming out of their ears, a computer, Ipods, 200+ channels on the satellite and still they say they're bored. What gives? Of course, anytime I suggest things for them to do, they roll their eyes and say that isn't what they want to do. Ok, so what AM I supposed to suggest? I'm sitting here at the computer working (for the most part:) and they are both plenty old enough to occupy themselves. It would be different if they were 2 or 3 years old and needing guidance, but they are 12 and 16! So, dear son comes sauntering into my home office and once again says he is bored. Ok, I say, how about helping me stuff some envelopes. You wouldn't believe how fast he found something else to do! Kids. You gotta love them, but sometimes they just make you shake your head and wonder why.


Bev Schweigert said...

It is funny how they find something else to do when you give them some work to do! lol!

My girls are 13 and 17 and they're always bored till I tell them to clean their rooms ;)


Lisa said...

It is amazing how fast they can find things to do when you offer suggestions. I tried to get my son to go out and wash my car too, but he immediately told me that he needed to do some stuff in his room instead. Ha!