Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fair Warning! Stay off the Sidewalks!

My daughter is now officially licensed to drive! My hubby took her to the license branch on Saturday morning and she passed with flying colors. She was very nervous, but did just fine. I'm still trying to cope with it though. My baby girl is now a driver and, well, that means a lot more freedom. I don't know how I feel about that part. Not that I don't trust HER, I do. She's never given me any reason not to do so. It's everybody else in the world that I don't trust.

She has already taken a half a dozen solo trips since Saturday and done fine. Granted, none have been farther then 15 minutes away or longer then an hour at a time. She drove to school today to pick up her report card and picked her brother up and brought him home from school and did a good job. My son even said she did "ok", which in preteen speak means "She did good enough not to kill me so I'll ride with her when it benefits me to do it". I guess I'm just in "mommy mode" right now and will worry about her every time she leaves my sight.

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