Wednesday, June 6, 2007


When I was a little kid, my brother and I used to sit in our rooms at night, with the lights off, and tell each other scary stories. We'd have contests to see who could tell the scariest story and get the other to jump or scream. I was never very good at telling the stories, but my brother sure was. He used to tell me this one story about a hairy toe! Yes, a hairy toe! He had heard this story before from a teacher, I think, and he would retell it to me and I swear I'd jump or scream every time. It went like this:

An old woman is digging fresh roots and picking herbs one day in the forest when she spies something odd looking, sticking out of the ground. She goes to investigate and find that it is a big, hairy toe. It looks like it was chopped off of a giants foot. It has a lot of meat on it and she thinks that it would make a good dinner so she picks it up and takes it home.

When she gets home, she throws it into a big pot along with some vegetables, lets it cook for awhile then eats it up. She thinks that she has had a very good day and goes to bed that night with a full belly and thoughts that maybe she'll find another toe tomorrow.

About midnight, a cold wind starts to blow and a black cloud, shaped like a giant's head, covers the moon. All of a sudden, a voice rings out yelling "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! Where o' where is my big hairy toe!" The woman stirs uneasily in her bed and pulls the covers over her head. Then a stomp, stomp, stomp sounds outside and again you hear the yells of "Hairy toe! Hairy toe! Where o where is my hairy toe!"

The woman, thoroughly scared, jumps out of bed and starts dragging furniture over to barracade her door. After doing so, she climbs back into bed and trys to go back to sleep. But then she hears the stomping again and all of a sudden, the door is thrown open, her furniture flying in all directions and there in the doorway stood a massive giant. Outside, the wind suddenly died down and there wasn't a sound to be heard except for the giant asking "My hairy toe. Where is my hairy toe?" The woman, in the tiniest whisper, says "I ate your toe" and the giant replies...."I know"!

No one ever saw the old woman again and the authorities never knew was became of her. The only sign of something amiss was a giant footprint outside her front door. It was missing it's big toe.

They say on calm nights when the wind is quiet and the crickets are still that you can sometimes hear a voice saying "Now, I've got my hairy toe"

YIKES!!!!!!!!! Ok, now you're wondering why I'm recounting my scary story. Well, have you seen previews for the new 1408 Movie? It stars John Cusack. From the previews, it looks like it is going to be one super scary movie and if you love scary stories then you just have to love scary movies.

What do you think? Seem like something that will scare your pants off? I will be watching the 1408 Movie as soon as it is in my local theater. I'll be sure to wear two pair of pants so as I don't offend anyone when my first pair are scared off me:)

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