Tuesday, June 12, 2007


We've had our pool for a couple of weeks now and are really enjoying it. However, the skimpy little ladder that came with the pool just isn't working out. It's wobbly and every time someone gets in or out of the pool, we're afraid it is going to break. So, I called a friend of ours and he's coming out today to start building us a deck. He bought the lumber yesterday and said he'd start work this afternoon/evening. I'm glad. It will just make the pool that much nicer.

We're having him build an L-shaped deck so that I can get around the pool to sweep it out. Having to stand along the side to do it is for the birds since, as DH so lovingly tells me, I have super short arms and legs. Yes, we have the telescopic pole to help out, but when you can't see where the dirt is it just makes it very hard to do. Last week, the pool was warm enough to get into while I swept and that was really easy, but Sunday when I swept it out again the water was only 78 degrees, too chilly for me, so I sat on the top step of the ladder and swept what I could reach that way. My son tried to help me out, but he's only a couple of inches taller then me and it was even too hard for him to reach some areas.

So, anyway, the deck should be done by this weekend according to Jay. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one. I'll take progress pictures along the way and then will post them here for everyone to see (or skip if they find them boring:)once it is finished.

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