Saturday, April 1, 2006

Am I :-) or am I :-(

Another maintain for this week. Frustrating, but at least it isn't a gain. With all the crap I've been dealing with, I really am surprised that I didn't gain weight. Another thing that is stressing me out is that I think I'm going to have to stop ordering Nutrisystem. It's just getting too expensive. I've been reading over some of the NS board posts with others who follow NS without using their food and I think it is totally doable for me to follow suit, but it is still scary. I mean, I've not lost weight USING the ns food, do I really think I'll lose using my own? That is my stressed out mind talking now, but still, it does enter my mind. I am going to try though. I don't want to gain back what I have already lost.


Karon said...

I'd like to suggest a place you can go that is similar to NS without the foods, but also different. I started with them back in January and have lost 24 pounds. I still log my weight at NS and will do so until I reach goal but mainly because people there know me and follow my progress. This place is free, has everything NS has and then some. Take a peek and if you like it stay. If you don't, nothing lost. They customize a calorie plan for you, will give you a weeks' menus and shopping list if you want, have articles, tips, message boards, nutrition food tracker totally customizable, fitness tips and tracker, etc. I hope you at least check it out. Good luck, sweetie.

None said...

Lean Cuisine helps a lot - and it tastes better than NS. :)

Also, there are bucket meals at the store that are similiar to NS in cal, fat, protein, a lot higher in Sodium though. hey work good too. Just watch your portions - you'll be fine!!