Friday, April 14, 2006

Audit update

It's finally over. I made it through the audit in one piece. The guy actually got here half an hour earlier then he said he would so I didn't really have much time to get into a state of panic. Unfortunately, he wasn't a hottie:( He was very nice though and answered all of my questions without making me feel stupid. He was only here 90 minutes, but it still felt like an eternity. Especially when he asked me for some paperwork that I did NOT have! Thankfully it wasn't a mandatory thing to keep. Whew. He did say that we are going to owe a bit more to the IRS (imagine that!), but we won't know exactly how much until we get a letter from them, probably a couple of months from now. Great, something else to worry about. The reason for owing more taxes, at least, was not my fault. Apparently the state of Illinois sent me the wrong percentage rate to put in my payroll program. No penalties will be added, but I'm sure there will still be interest. I don't think the State ever does anything without adding interest to it nor would they ever admit fault. I'm sure if I called someone there, they'd tell me that I should have caught that mistake BEFORE I put the amount in my program. So, anyway, to make a long story short....I survived. I just hope we never have to go through that again.

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They should be responsible. That just irks me to no end. I do accounting/bookkeeping too and I swear the State and IRS are never at fault. And they are quick to throw those damn penalties at you but take forever and a day to get you a refund!!