Thursday, April 13, 2006

An earlier post then normal

Figured I'd log on tonight and get my post up since tomorrow the dreaded auditor is coming. I tell you, I'm not ready for this guy to be here, but I'll sure be glad when it's all finished. I've been a nervous wreck this entire week and have not slept worth a crap at all. Last night, I kept replaying worst case scenarios through my head all night long. There's nothing I can do about the guy coming or about what he will find, but I tell ya, I've just about been driven to drink because of it. The only salvation I've had thinking about this guy is the possibility that he will be a hottie. Don't laugh! It could happen. I mean, surely not all IRS people are old man scrooges!

Diet-wise, I've not done well at all. I've pretty much been doing whatever all week, eating what I want when I want. I hopped on the scale this morning just to see how much damage I'd done and I am up 2 lbs. I figured as much and truthfully, it isn't bothering me. I know once the stress in my life settles down that things will get back to normal and I'll again move in the right direction. I did visit the website that Karon told me about and signed up. I've not followed any of their advice yet (sorry, Karon!), but I have been looking over the website and message boards each day to get inspiration. It all makes sense and I know I can do it. Hopefully, once tomorrow is over and done then I can get into it and get back to becoming a smaller version of myself:)


Karon said...

No apologies needed, honey. You do what you can do. You know the damage and will lose the two pounds and more when you're ready and able to focus on it all again. Hope all goes well with the auditor today. Hugs!

Lisa said...

Thanks Karon. I hope all goes well with the auditor today too.