Thursday, March 2, 2006

New exercise dvd

I just finished exercising to the new dvd that I bought and just wanted to hop on here and say how much fun it was. I've been searching for different tapes to do, but have never found ones that I can keep up with. Either the dance steps are too complicated (and I trip over my feet) or they're just too high impact and I can't keep up.

Well, I'd heard a lot about the Carmen Electra dvd (Aerobic Striptease) and thought I'd give it a try. I found it on and purchased a copy. I got it in the mail yesterday and decided to try it out this morning. I was afraid that it was going to be just as complicated as all the others I've tried, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. I actually made it through the whole dvd, no problem. That alone is a big accomplishment for me because half the time I can't even make it through the warm-ups! Anyhoo, this will definitely be a keeper in my collection. It was easy enough, but not so easy that I didn't feel that I wasn't getting a workout. I probably won't be doing it while anyone is home though. It might not be stripping, but there are some sexy moves included in it and that's definitely not something I feel my kids should be subjected to seeing their mother do:)


Karon said...

Lisa, you crack me up! I have another friend who absolutely loves that workout! Glad you enjoyed it and felt successful completing it. Looking forward to your weigh in.

None said...

I always wanted to try it - I thought you had to have a pole though!!! Hee hee!!

Lisa said...

Karon-I have a new post with my weigh-in. I'm happy about it and hopefully it'll keep on going in the right direction.

Jen-Nope, no pole required (lol) If hubby is ever home when I work out though, I'm going to suggest he have a lot of $1 bills on him!