Saturday, March 25, 2006

My week in review

It's not been an exciting week, but it has been a busy one.

Monday was spent doing all sorts of odds and ends around the house, trying to get a bit of spring cleaning done. It seemed like the day flew by and I really didn't get as much crossed off my list as I'd hoped. I did manage to get all the floors mopped and vacuumed, some clutter and junk tossed out and some major dusting done. I also rearranged some of my furniture so I now have a bit more room to do my striptease workout video. I even got in an hour or so phone call with my cousin to get caught up with each other. I always enjoy that:)

Tuesday was spent home with the kids. It snowed here, about 6 inches total, so they had a snow day. I usually don't mind them being home, but they were so rowdy that I finally had to force them to go outside and play to burn off some of their extra energy. I went out also and cleared the snow from the sidewalk, deck and part of the drive so got in a bit of exercise for myself too.

Wednesday was full of fielding phone calls from some of our customers who were wondering if our trucks had been out during the snows on Tuesday. All were answered with a yes and most of the people couldn't believe that we were out in that bad weather. I guess we should adopt the postman's creed. It fits us too. Thankfully most of the snow has melted from the roads already. That's the only thing I like about March snows. They don't last long at all.

Thursday was a fun day for me. My friend from Iowa was home again for a visit so we were able to get together for the day. Went to Applebee's for lunch and then came back to my house for a nice visit. Her kids loved it here. Can't say my cat enjoyed their company so much, but oh well. Made me feel good that the kids enjoyed seeing me and spending time together too, but it also made me sad that I don't get to see them very often. Usually just a couple times each year.

And then yesterday, that's the day that I usually look forward to, but not this week. Got into a major fight with the hubby over some stupid little thing so the day was spent being annoyed. Days like that tend to have everything go wrong too and yesterday was no different. Even the little things weren't working out right for me. I know my bad attitude didn't help, but I couldn't get out of the funk that the fight with hubby put me into. I didn't let it get to me so much though that I ate away the misery like I would have in the past. I did good and stayed on NS 100%.

Today I weighed (I forgot yesterday), but I was still the same as last week. I'm upset that I'm not losing especially since I was so psyched to restart and get back on track, but I'll just keep trudging along. The weight will drop off eventually (at least I HOPE it does) and I'll get there. Onward and downward I go. Talk to you later.

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