Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The dreaded IRS audit

Guess what? I received a letter from the IRS a few days ago letting us know that our business has been selected for an audit. Yippee, I say. Sounds like fun. Just what I needed to add to my already stressed out life. WooHoo.

Thankfully it is just a payroll audit and not a full fledged federal one, but still it's not something that I'm looking forward to dealing with. Sure I keep good records, we pay all the required taxes (at least I hope we do!), file all the correct forms, etc. It's just the idea, I guess, that freaks me out.

The audit is scheduled for April 14th. I can tell you right now I'll be dreading that day until it gets here. Even then, I'll be a nervous wreck until the auditor leaves. Wish me luck, guys and gals. I hope I don't have a nervous breakdown before the big day arrives.

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Karon said...

Keep on trudging along, Lisa. It's bound to get better. It's just sometimes we get so tired of doing all the work with no real reward. Maintaining is a good thing but losing feels so much better. Hang in there, sweetie.