Friday, September 28, 2007


I am so ready for the weekend. This has just been a long week. The days have just seemed to drag by.

Dad is doing much better. The dr. took him off his blood pressure medicine for awhile to see if he needs it anymore. He said the dosage was probably playing a big part in dad's heart rate being so low too. Tuesday his heart was only beating about 45 bpm, but yesterday it was up to around 80 bpm. Dad thought it was too high, but the dr. assured him that was fine (I guess you should aim to have it between 60-90 bpm?).

I have had several people stop me throughout the week to ask how he is doing. That's what happens when you're pretty well known in a small town:) I've heard all sorts of rumors of what happened. I even had one guy tell me he was so sorry to hear that dad had passed away!!!! NOT FUNNY! Imagine this guys surprise when he saw dad in the shop two days later. I'm sure he felt terrible, but geez. Get your facts straight before approaching someone.

Had lunch today with my mom and aunt. That was fun. We could have sat there for hours chatting, but unfortunately I had to cut it short to get back here and work. My boss (hubby) sure is a slave driver some days:)

I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend. I'm hoping to just lounge around and enjoy the beautiful weather. It's supposed to be wonderful all weekend so I will probably be outdoors a lot.

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