Monday, September 17, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: I am finally starting to feel better. This cold has really knocked me for a loop. It's been the worst one that I've had in ages (knock on wood). The weekend was pretty much spent feeling awful. Stuffy head, nose, ears, dizziness, diarrhea, coughing, aches, etc. NOT FUN! But, like I said, the good thing is that I am now feeling a lot better. The stuffiness is pretty much gone. The dizziness is also gone as well as the diarrhea (thankfully!). The coughing is still here, but getting better each day although my sides are really sore from using those muscles. I still believe it is just a cold, not the flu, as I've not had any fever with it.

The Bad: I had a big long post typed up and my computer crashed! So, had to write it up all over again. DANG IT!

The Ugly: The pool guy STILL hasn't shown up to close our pool for the winter! They called me two weeks ago and said that I needed to get our water sample up to their office ASAP in order to see what type of chemicals they were going to need to bring to add to the pool. Well, I did that last Monday. I took time out of my BUSY day to run twenty minutes over to the next town to take this water sample to them. I spent ten minutes driving around because they'd changed their office hours and neglected to tell me that when they called. I then spent another thirty minutes waiting on them to run the water sample and figure out what I needed to buy to put in the pool. All of this when I'm feeling like crap anyway (that was the day I first started getting sick). They told me, as I walked out their front door, that they would be sending the guys out one day that week (last week) to get the pool covered and closed. The only thing I had to do before they came was add the chlorine that I purchased that day. That was it. They'd be out that week and I wouldn't have to worry about buying any more chemicals or running the pool pump, using electricity that really wasn't necessary anymore. But, do they show up? NO!!!! So, now I'm into another week and having to add more chemicals and use more electricity to circulate water in a pool that we haven't used in the past THREE WEEKS! The temperature of the water is down to 66 degrees so even if it warms up this week, like the forecast is saying, I doubt it warms up the water enough to swim. If I don't get a call today from the pool guy, saying that he'll be out here tomorrow, I'm going to give them a call AND a piece of my mind. Ok, maybe I won't give them a piece of my mind. I really can't afford to be giving that away, but you know what I mean:)

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