Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Oh, My Aching Back

It's not my back this time, but my son's. He came home from school yesterday almost unable to walk, sit, lay down, stand up, etc. He still has no idea what started the back spasms, but he said he'd had them all day long and every little movement was pure torture. We got out the trusty old heating pad and he popped a couple of ibuprofen and just lounged on the couch the rest of the evening. He was feeling a bit better when he went to bed, but had him take a couple more ibuprofen just be on the safe side.

Well, he got up this morning in just as much pain as before so he stayed home from school. Yes, this is the second day he's missed in just as many weeks, but I know if I'd forced him to go that I would have gotten a phone call a few hours later, if that, to come and pick him up. Might as well just let him stay home in the first place and save me a trip into town.

I did call the chiropractor though and he said to bring him in so loaded my poor boy into the car and drove to the chiropractor's office. There, the Dr. went through some questions like Did you fall recently? Did you twist suddenly? etc. No to all questions, but then again this is my son, who likes to play basketball and skateboard, so he could have done any of those things and just didn't want to say so for fear of his mom getting upset. The Dr. then had him lay on the funny looking table and went to work on him. By the time the Dr. was finished, my son said he was so relaxed that he could have easily took a nice little nap right there, but he didn't. Dr. said that my son definitely had a lot of inflammation and to take it easy the rest of today. He can go to school tomorrow, but no gym class and then tomorrow afternoon I have to take my son back to the chiropractor for more adjusting. At least my son is able to move now, even if it is slowly. Just hope he is still feeling good enough tomorrow to go to school and that he doesn't get jostled around or any thing to make his back feel worse.

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