Friday, September 7, 2007

How Many Days?

I was sitting here today, not doing much of anything, when this annoying little question popped into my head. How many days are left until Christmas? I know, most people don't want to hear this. Most of you are just getting used to the idea of summer coming to an end and the school year starting. I'm usually one of those who waits until at least November before I even start thinking about Christmas, but for some reason the thought decided to strike me today.

I thought about counting on the calendar exactly how many days are left, but then thought "You know, there's got to be something on the internet that gives you the exact days, hours, minutes, seconds, and such" so I decided to search. Boy, was I surprised at how many links came up.

There was a link to Countdown to Christmas, a neat little website that is right to the point. I also came across Santa's Official Countdown to Christmas. On this website you can see how many days are left and you can also write a letter to Santa or even check to see if you're on the Naughty or Nice list. But, I think my favorite website was Christmas Countdown which not only lets you count down the days until Christmas, but also to any other special event you might be looking forward to. Unfortunately, you do have to pay for this one, but it isn't too bad and would be something fun to have on your computer.

So, now that I've made everyone else have that annoying little question run through their heads, I'll be signing off. Merry 108 days:):):)

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