Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to Boring?

I think I'm getting back into the normal swing of things around here. The past few weeks were really stressful and intense and, of course, sad. But, now that the funeral is over and things have calmed down a little bit, I'm hoping that I get back into the groove of things and that my life will just be boring for awhile.

Mom and I made it back into Curves this morning and actually made it through the circuit without collapsing. Although, I have to admit, I was huffing and puffing during the last few machines. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but that's ok. After the way I've been eating these past few weeks, I need to be working out and I need to be sore. I tried to restart my healthy eating plan today too, but that went by the wayside come dinnertime. My hubby brought home Chinese! I was a bit upset, but I couldn't be mad at him because he thought he was doing something nice by bringing food home so that I didn't have to cook. I'll give him this one, but did let him know that if he wants to be nice again that maybe he should bring home Subway or something else that is just a bit healthier.

Normal posts....they might be boring, but I am hoping that I have several more of them to write....at least for awhile.

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