Monday, January 23, 2006

Eating Frenzy Weekend

What a weekend! I really wish I could get a handle on my thinking that just because others are eating crap that I can too! This was a terrible eating weekend for me. I completely and totally let myself go. We went to St. Louis for the weekend. Friday evening, on the drive there, I was starving (not a good start to this) so we stopped at McDonalds. Instead of getting the grilled chicken salad, I ordered a Quarter Pounder w/ cheese, LARGE fries and diet coke. I inhaled all of it! Then when we got to St. Louis and to our hotel, hubby decided that he wanted a midnight snack of pizza. He ordered one and when it got there, even though I was NOT hungry, I ended up eating four slices of it! Granted it was thin crust, only one topping and the slices were teeny tiny, but still. I didn't need it.

Next morning, we get up and go downstairs to eat the complimentary breakfast. I tried to eat light, but they only had biscuits and gravy, muffins, donuts and juice. They HAD cereal, but it was all gone by the time we mozied our lazy butts down there. So, I ate one biscuit with just a spoonful of gravy and one muffin. Also had one small glass of oj. We then went out and about for the day, visited the Arch, did some downtown driving and sightseeing then out to lunch we go to Burger King! I did manage to order the smaller burger (whopper jr.) with onion rings and diet coke. I ate all the burger and only half the onion rings. Truthfully though that was probably the least amount I ate at one meal the entire weekend. That night we again had pizza and I again ate a ton.

Sunday morning, I was still bloated from the pizza so skipped breakfast, only had some juice, but lunch was again at Burger King (I had the small chicken fries, onion rings, diet cola) and dinner last night was Arby's (Big Roast beef, small fries, diet cola). I felt like such a pig last night when I went to bed. I am afraid to even step on the scale to see how much damage I did.

Today I'm back to following NS, but I know it's going to be hard getting back in the saddle. I know I'm going to be hungry all day especially later tonight. But, I'm determined to do this. I've lost 42 lbs. since I started and I don't want to gain it all back so I NEED to get going in the right direction. No more eating frenzies! Wish me luck:)


None said...

Follow my directions. Stand up. Brush off pants. Get back on wagon.

If you have already downed 42 pounds there is no reason you can't continue to make healthy choices. We all need a break once in a while. I took one last week and my eating schedule followed yours very closely. Today I am back at NS.

Try not to beat yourself up about it Lisa. You can do this. You have done 42 pounds of it so far. That is a huge accomplishment!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know that there is no reason whatsoever that I can't continue to make healthy choices. I've done it in the past, nothing is stopping me from doing in the future except myself. I agree that we all need a break once in awhile too. I just need to stop taking so many:)