Saturday, October 8, 2005

Changing my weigh in day

Hi all,
I have decided to change my official weigh in day to Friday. Mainly because it is just too hard for me to remember to do it first thing Monday mornings. They are too hectic for me. So, as of yesterday, I'm down another pound to 250 for a total of 35 pounds lost since April. Yay! Guess I'm doing something right. I've been trying to get back on track and I think I'm doing just that with my eating. Now to get back into the exercise. I've not jumped on the trampoline for a few days now, which isn't good, but I know I'll get back to it. Just won't go at it full force like I did the very first day otherwise my calves will be yelling at me again. I don't want that to happen again. It seemed to take forever before they were feeling better.

Yesterday I managed to get out in my yard and get some things done. Put up my scarecrow for autumn decoration and set a couple of pumpkins around it so it looks pretty cute. Trimmed back some of my plants and mulched them for the winter months. I still need to trim some branches from my trees and plant a few bulbs that should be arriving any day now then my yard should be finished for the winter months. Hey, I just realized that all that movement outdoors can be considered exercise! Ha! I think that's what I'll call it too so I don't feel so bad about not getting on the trampoline.

Gotta go. Will talk to you all later. Take care and have a great weekend.


Karon said...

Whatever works for you as a weigh-in day sounds good. I started NS on a Wednesday but have always used Sunday for my official day. I weigh every day but it only really matters on Sundays!

Good for you, the moving in the yard. Yep! Count it as exercise. I do ... it all washes in the end. You were moving.

Congrats on the loss. You are doing just fine. Keep going.

Lisa said...

when I first started NS, it was also on a wednesday, but I thought using Monday as an official day would keep me accountable over the weekends. Found out that I just keep forgetting so moved it to Friday. I also weigh every day to make sure the scale is going in the right direction, but only count it on my official day:)