Saturday, October 15, 2005

Busy as a bee

Wow, was yesterday one busy day! Between getting the billing ready to go out to our customers and trying to get laundry done, I think I was moving 100 mph. You'd think with all that movement that I would have had a loss for the week too, but nope. The scale is still stuck at 250. I am wondering if this is my first official plateau. Seems like I have been hovering around that mark for the past three weeks, but just can't drop below it. I'm hoping for a big whoosh of a loss soon to break it, but I guess until that happens I'll just keep plodding along.


Karon said...

Hi, Sweetie!

Plodding along is okay, however, we all know that we want the darn scale to register our progress. "They" say a plateau results when you stay the same for 3-4 weeks in a row. I know when I've been stuck in the past, it helps to change things up. Add an extra protein to your day for a few days (no longer than a week). That may help. Cygnet2 has posted a plateau breaker on the NS BB but I've never copied it. Some have tried it and say it works. Good luck to you budging the scale this week.

Lisa said...

Karon, I have copied Cygnet2's plateau breaker and plan on trying it out if the scale doesn't budge soon. I've already tried switching lunch and dinner around and that hasn't helped. I recall some on the NS board saying that helped them break a plateau. I know a lot of it is my exercise program. I've not been doing too well on getting in more then 30 minutes every other day here lately. I know if I bumped that up a lot that the scale would move faster. Just can't get myself motivated to do it yet.