Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh, The pain! The agony!

OMG! I thought my calves would have forgiven me by now for jumping on the trampoline Friday, but no such luck. They are still screaming at me for doing such a horrible thing to them. Each morning, I have gotten out of bed only to have both legs tell me to lay back down. Once I'm up walking around, they do feel better. It is only after I sit down then try to get back up that I have problems. I've tried every thing to get them to feel better too. Soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salt, icy hot, leg rubs, ibuprofen. NOTHING is working. I'm afraid if they don't feel better by tomorrow that I won't even want to begin to think about getting back on the trampoline and that will totally mess up my exercise plan. I'm one that has a big problem starting anything new. If I can't do it every day until it is a habit, that habit never forms. So, any idea of how to get these calves of mine to stop hating me for exercising? If so, let me know. I'm desperate enough to try just about anything now.


Karon said...

One thing that will help with muscle repair is water. Drink lots of extra water as it is needed for the muscle to repair itself.

Also, you may want to back off and do the trampoline but only do some of it and not all. Ease back into it. You'll be building the habit of doing it but not overdoing it and injuring the muscle. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Great advice, Karon. I was able to get on the trampoline again this morning, but only did part of the video instead of pushing to do the whole thing. Once my legs started to hurt, I stopped. I think the idea of easing back into it is the best advice I can take.