Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day

I'm getting a little nervous about my doctor's appointment tomorrow. I know that there is the possibility of surgery being discussed, but even though I'm prepared to hear it, I don't want to hear it. I've been trying to keep extremely busy this weekend to keep my mind off of it, but that is hard to do when you can't move around a lot.

It's been a girls only weekend for my daughter and I. Hubby and son went to Delaware to pick up a new truck. Yes, they travelled halfway across the US to pick up a stupid truck, but hey, it was cheap and in excellent condition so, according to hubby, that made it worth the while. Anyway, I've really enjoyed the bonding time I've had with my daughter. I love that we get along so well and she feels comfortable enough to talk to me about certain things. I know I don't have much time left with her living here at home so I'm stockpiling as much "us" time as I can get. Oh, back to the earlier subject. This is what I've accomplished so far:

We worked on the pool for a little bit Friday evening, what we could do anyway without a lot of water. We pulled the winter cover the rest of the way off and got it all cleaned up and stored away. (she did the heavy lifting, I supervised. lol). We put the ladder in, cleaned out the leaves and dirt the best we could, etc. We have all our pool stuff out on the deck now so it looks really summery out there. Now to just get the water in the pool so we can start enjoying it.

Yesterday, daughter and I went shopping and just enjoyed the morning. Her friend came over that afternoon to finish studying for finals and then last night we all went out for pizza. Another nice evening. Today I'm doing laundry and I'm sure daughter will help out as much as I need her. Hubby called earlier and is on his way back. He's almost to Ohio and said he should be here by 6pm. We'll see. So far, he's made pretty good time.

So, tomorrow is the day. Like I said earlier, I'm nervous. Maybe I'll drink my way through today to keep my nerves calm. Hmm, actually that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday. I'm off to mix me up some pina coladas. Yummy!

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