Monday, June 9, 2008


Here are a few pictures of the major flooding that is taking place around the area from the record 9-10" of rain we received Friday night/Saturday morning.

The scary thing is that there are no rivers by the houses that are flooded in these pictures. This is all from ditches, heavy rain and SMALL streams in the area! I don't have any pictures of the actual rivers that have flooded and overflowed their banks.


Laurie said...

I know this is just awful and this crazy weather and storms are happening every where. I am so not looking forward to the hurrican season this year with my parents, brother and best friend in Florida.

Crazy Lady said...

Sheesh! Thats a lot of water!

AmyD said...

Holy cow! And to think that I occasionally gripe because when summer hits here all we get are wildfires. (southern California)

And, although, it is certainly no consolation - you took some really awesome pics.

Lisa said...

Laurie: Looks like we're going to get a few more inches of rain tonight. That is not going to help any of this flooding at all.

Crazy Lady: Yes, that is a LOT of water :)

amyd: We have never had to deal with flooding like this before. It's very scary. And thanks for the compliments on the pics. I wish I could accept, but I didn't take them. These were all found on my local newspaper website. They are good pictures though. :)