Friday, June 13, 2008

More flooding

My previous post was about the flooding we are dealing with here in my little town, but today's post is about flooding in Cedar Rapids. My best friend in the whole wide world lives in Coggon, IA, just a few miles northeast of Cedar Rapids. Thankfully, her home and her family are all ok. The Wapsi River crested today and never did flood into their property. The Cedar River, however, has overrun the town of Cedar Rapids. Her husband works in Cedar Rapids and according to her email to me this evening, there is only one route left to even get INTO Cedar Rapids at the moment that isn't covered by water. The major highways are all closed and at least 83 of the 99 counties are considered disaster areas. She also told me that a lot of stores like Walmart are out of bread, water, milk, etc. How scary is that? Here are just a few pictures, compliments of Yahoo Images:

this is an OVERPASS! There is actually a road that goes underneath that bridge.
a train track that goes over the Cedar River that the flood waters have almost covered
View of downtown Cedar Rapids. That is I380 running through the middle of the picture. They closed that road at 6pm tonight and say it might be closed for a week.
A view of the one of the downtown streets. It almost looks like Venice with all the water!

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Annie said...

Wow - those pictures are amazing. The overpass made me do a double take! How terrible!