Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damn It!!!!

Just went out to check the pool cover to see if all the water had been drained off only to find out that we have no water INSIDE the darn pool now! Seems that we had what the pool supply company is calling "the bathtub effect" take place. In other words, as the water on the cover got heavier, it pushed the water inside the pool up and under the top rail, between the walls and out onto the ground.....all.....winter.....long. Now waiting on the water hauling service we used last year to call me back with a price quote. I know it's going to be way more expensive this year since the cost of fuel has gone up so much. What do you do though? I bought that pool to swim in during the summer, I'm not going to just let it sit there.

EDIT: $35 per load plus $65 per hour, averaging 3 hours per load. That is the quote from the water hauler. I know when he first filled the pool, it took 4 loads. I figure this time will take at least 3 loads. That is going to come to around $690! It only cost us $500 to fill it completely last year!


Crazy Lady said...

This may be a stupid question, but... Why not fill it from the hose? Take to long? To expensive? Not allowed? I had never heard of a water filling service. Although, at $600... are you filling it with Evian?

Lisa said...

I wish we could fill it with the hose, but we'd run the well dry if we tried. the pool is 28' around and holds approx. 15,000 gallons of water so it would also take a looooonnnnnnnggggggg time to fill it that way. I agree that they better be putting Evian in there though for the price I'm going to have to pay.

Crazy Lady said...

It has been so long since we lived on well water - I didn't even consider that!