Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Hump Day

I'm so far off on my days this week since Monday was a holiday. All day today I've been trying to say it is Thursday. I guess I'm trying to get my doctor's appointment here faster. I mentioned in yesterday's post that the doctor rescheduled me for this coming Monday, June 2nd, so I'm very happy that I don't have to wait until next Friday now. That's a few less days of suffering that I can look forward too. I know that I'm not going to go in and get instant relief from the doctor, but I am hoping that he can at least come up with a solution for me. I'm even OK with the idea of surgery now. I had said in the beginning that I would not go through another back surgery, but after seeing how much pain I was in over the weekend and the total lack of mobility that I had, well, let's just say that my mind has been changed. Plus, I talked to my brother in law, who had surgery for a ruptured disk a few years ago and he is fine so what do I have to worry about. Right?

I also talked to a relative of my sister in law who's daughter had disk surgery just this past year. She was telling me about microdiskectomy, which is what her daughter had. It's all done through a teeny tiny little incision so no major scars and very little time in the hospital, if any at all. The doctor that I am going to be seeing actually does this as an outpatient procedure! I've done a bit of reading about this option and, if I would have to have surgery, this would be the one that I'd hope to have. Let's hope it doesn't come to the surgery deal, but if so I'm prepared. I have also read up on the lumbar disk surgery so know what to expect from that too. I guess I won't know anything though until my doctor's appointment.


Amy said...

Ugh. I am SO sorry. Back problems are NO fun at all.

Have you check out the Elaine Petrone Method?

I don't mean to be offering unsolicited advice, but even if you do have to have surgery this might definitely help you out as well.

This is the one I have:

Lisa said...

I'd heard of Elaine Petrone Method before, but didn't know what it entailed. I will definitely keep this in mind and ask the doctor if it is something I can do for my back. I know with nerve or disk problems sometimes what you think will help could actually hurt so will definitely ask the dr. before trying. Thanks for letting me know about this though. Much Much appreciated:)