Monday, March 3, 2008

Is Spring Ever Going to Arrive?

After a beautiful day yesterday (sunny and a high temp of 73), today has turned cold.....again. It's raining and the temps are slowly falling. It's supposed to eventually get down to around 30 degrees and then this lovely rain is going to turn into sleet, freezing rain or snow. They haven't decided which we'll get yet. Who knows, we might even get all three. Tomorrow the crappy weather continues and then the remainder of the week is just supposed to be cold. Hello? Spring? When are you going to arrive and stay?

With all the flip flopping temps, my son has also gotten sick...again. He woke up yesterday with a slight sore throat. Didn't think much of it because he helped out in the recycle center Saturday and was yelling back and forth with his sister. We all figured it was just strained from that. Should have known better. He woke up this morning with a 103 degree temp, full blown sore throat, cough and headache. Can someone say flu symptoms? Blech, blech, blech.

I keep telling myself that it is now March and that warmer weather and less illness are just around the corner. But, believe me, that corner can't get here soon enough.


Crazy Lady said...

Ugh - I hope the germs leave your house soon!

Lisa said...

Unfortunately, the germs are still here. They've found their way into my hubby now. As long as they don't find their way into me, I'll be happy:) Ha!