Monday, June 19, 2006

Week 3

Lost another pound when I weighed in Saturday so I'm moving in the right direction. I wish it would come off faster though because it sure seemed to go on FAST!

In other news, I had an awesome weekend. We went to the demolition derby Saturday evening. It was a lot of fun and excitement. And, I again did very well bypassing all the sugary, fattening fair treats. It was very hard though because people would walk by us in the grandstand, carrying plates of french fries, onion rings, corn dogs, nachos, cotton candy, elephant ears and funnel cakes. And my own kids even made it hard on me by getting funnel cakes to bring home with them after the derby. I did well though and only enjoyed the SMELL of them, not the taste:)

Sunday was spent with my dad to celebrate Father's Day. We had a nice dinner and good conversation. My kids and hubby went out for their own little Father's Day celebration. they played laser tag!

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