Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Fair Time

Tonight we took the kids to the fair. It started here Monday and the kids have been asking to go since they found out. I was worried that I'd be so tempted by all the fair foods, but I did really well. I ate a big salad before we went. I passed by all the delicious smelling foods and only bought a diet soda. I really really wanted an elephant ear, but I passed it by. Tonight was harness racing. I'm not a big fan of it, but it was kind of fun to watch the horses zipping around the track.

It was also bracelet night (ride all the rides you want for one price) so the kids spent most of their evening doing just that. I don't do carnival rides. They either make me sick or they are way to tall for my liking.

We probably won't go back again until Saturday evening. That is the last day of the fair and my all time favorite is going on that night. The demolition derby! I guess you can call me a redneck at heart because for me the derby is the best thing to happen at the fair. Well, besides the food, of course:) I have never participated in one, but it sure looks like a lot of fun and I think it would be a great way to work off some frustrations.

My brother inlaw usually has a car to enter. I don't know for sure if he has one ready for this year's fair or not, but if so, I'll be rooting for him to win. If anyone happens to go to the fair Saturday evening, just look in the front row seats of the grandstand. I'll be the one yelling and cheering, wearing mud spattered clothes, with the biggest smile on their face:)

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