Saturday, February 4, 2006

Saturday news

Hello all,
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but had some major problems here. I'll explain in a bit. First of all, my Friday weigh in. Wasn't good, but wasn't bad. I stayed the same as last week. Happy I didn't gain, but really wish the stupid scale would go DOWN!

Now for the major problems. Our washer AND dryer decided to both die on me this past week. First the heating element went out on the dryer and now the washer has decided to break. That happened yesterday when I was doing a load of towels. I noticed after it had been running for awhile that there was a small puddle of water coming from underneath it. I finished up the load and let it sit until hubby got home to take a look at it. When he was looking it over, he noticed a stale water smell coming from underneath. Come to find out that the washer hadn't been draining completely after each load and all of that excess water was just sitting in the bottom of it, stagnating! Yuck! Anyway, he also found a crack in the drain (not the hose, but the machine part) and figures that all that stagnant water was what was leaking out onto the floor. He called a friend of ours who works on washers and asked him if it could be fixed. Well, it could be, but he said that it would probably be cheaper if we just bought a new one with a warranty. So, looks like this afternoon we'll be heading out to buy a new washer and dryer. I can't complain (too much anyway) because we've had these since we first got married (15 years) so we have gotten our money's worth out of them.

On to better news, only 5 more days before we head back to the doctor to check on my son's wrist. He's been counting down the days since Day One to when he'd get this silly splint off and get back to normal. I really hope the xrays show that he is healed and he can take it off. Besides the fact that he'll be able to do things for himself again, which will be pure heaven for all of us who've been doing things for him, we'll get rid of the pungent smell coming from the splint itself. It's getting pretty ripe. We didn't think it would get this bad since it could be removed and aired out, but he has been so afraid of hurting his wrist even more that he won't leave it off for more then a couple of minutes tops. That just hasn't been enough time to air it out and get rid of the smell. So, we've been spraying it with Febreeze and hoping for the best. But, hopefully this week will be the end of having to wear it. We'll find out Thursday.

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