Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Moving in the right direction

Hi all! I hope everybody had a great Christmas. Mine was good. I am glad that it is over though so I can get back to eating more healthy. I'll admit that these past few weeks have been pretty sweet (literally) because of all of the treats that have come into my home. I've done pretty good about not going overboard, but I have ate what I wanted lately. I restarted NS Monday though and, so far, seem to be moving in the right direction. The first day back on plan was hard though. My stomach was rumbling all evening. But I forced myself not to give into temptation, drank some more water and went to bed. Tuesday was a bit better. Still had the growlies at bedtime, but again ignored them. Hopefully today they won't come visit me at bedtime. If memory serves me right, the first two days on NS back when I first started were my hardest too and then after that things seemed to fall into place. At least I'm hoping that's how they were and will be again:)

I dont' know if I'd mentioned getting a treadmill for Christmas or not. Well, I didn't get it, but am going to go pick one up this weekend. I had told hubby that I really really wanted one for christmas, but I guess that even though he acted like he'd not gotten my gift yet that he already had when I started talking about the treadmill. Oh well. No biggie. I loved what he did get me (camcorder) and will just buy my own treadmill. I already have a space cleared out for it, have researched different models online and pretty much know what one I want. Now it's just getting over to the mall to pick it out. I think it will be the best investment I'll make too. Not just for my health, but also for my family's since they'll be able to use it too.

Well, guess that's it. I'll be back Friday with my official weigh-in for my first week back on track. Talk to you all then.


None said...

Good luck to you!! I too would like a treadmill. Waiting for a 10% off sale at Sears!! :)

I am trying to restart NS too. It is tough. Thanks for reminding me it gets better after the first few days!!

Karon said...

Good for you getting right back at it, Lisa. I'm proud of you.

Enjoy the treadmill and just keep going. Looking forward to hearing you've done this week.