Monday, July 14, 2008

Doing My Part to be a Little Greener

I've been trying lately to do my part and be a bit greener for the environment. I'm sure a lot of you are doing the same. I've not done anything big, like get an electric car or something, but have been doing small things like switching my light bulbs to CFL's (compact flourescent), reusing paper that has only been printed on one side as scrap paper, just stuff like that.

Well, we also drink a lot of bottled water, which I KNOW is a big waste of materials, so I've been looking into buying some reusable drink containers to use instead. I have heard a lot about Klean Kanteens lately. They are stainless steel water bottles.

Stainless steel has fewer known health risks then aluminum containers and these are 100% recyclable and machine washable! They come in several different sizes and are really durable, which is fantastic for me because I'm constantly dropping things. lol

I've checked their website and think this will be my next step in going a little bit greener. How are you trying to go green? Leave some comments and let me know.


Annie said...

I'm terrible. I admit it. I do next to nothing. Our town doesn't offer any sort of recycling. I haven't even been able to find a recycling center nearby to bring things to. I drive every day.

I do have a programmable thermostat! And the A/C is never set lower than 73.


we switched to CFL's a while back not only to save the environment but also our electric bill. We saved $50 a month just from switching lightbulbs.

Lisa said...

Annie: I am not the best at recycling either, but I'm getting there. I already take all my paper products to the recycle center in town. We're lucky to have it there. Not all cities have that option.

Diva: I love that switching to CFL's has lowered our electric bill too. Plus, we're also saving money because I'm not buying replacement lightbulbs every month or two. Seemed like before CFL's, I was replacing a burnt out bulb at least once a week.

Crazy Lady said...

I've switched to reusable grocery bags. I love them. They hold more. they don't roll around in the back of the car - and can double as over night bags for when the kids spend the night at a friends house!