Tuesday, August 1, 2006

just checking in

hello again, hope everybody is doing fine. I figured I'd better check in here so you all didn't think I'd dropped off the ends of the earth. Nope, I'm still here, just busy. Last week we had a couple of birthday and anniversary parties to go to. First one was for my grandma, who turned 98 on July 21st! Yes, you read that right, she is 98 years young and still going strong. The second was my aunt and uncles 55th wedding anniversary, which I'd planned on attending but didn't make it. I still can't believe they've been married that long. I remember going to my grandparents 50th anniversary and they just seemed so much older to me then my aunt and uncle do now. And finally the anticipated football season has started so we are now dealing with practices every evening. My son is enjoying it though and doing well. This week has started out pretty warm though and has caused him to think he lost his mind for joining but he knows it will get cooler and better as time goes on so he is hanging in there. Business is still booming also. I'm not as busy as I could be, but busier then I like. Hubby's burns are finally healed too. He will have a fairly big scar on his leg, but at least he still has the leg! There at the beginning when the doctors said he could lose it if he didn't listen to instructions really scared us both. We've also started the dreaded "back to school" shopping. The kids are NOT ready for that. But here in less then a month they will be back to the grind and I'll have my peace and quiet back:)

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